About Us

Over 43 years and stronger than ever

Temp-Art Mechanical was started in 1972 in the garage of Walter Kroll. A recent student of Nuclear Propulsion in the United States Navy and an extraordinary mechanic, he decided the dream of being his own boss was too much to pass up. Fast forward to today and Temp-Art has passed the test of time and is a solid dependable company in the New York HVAC business. We approach every project with the same enthusiasm and professionalism that Walter exhibited all those years ago.

Training and Safety are Paramount!

Our men all receive safety training and technical training in many disciplines several times each year.  We have several employees enrolled in a year round apprenticeship training and advancement program.

Our Team

Today our team consists of our two owners, Project Managers, Service Coordinators, Project Coordinators, Estimators, Draftsmen, Service Technicians, Shop Sheet metal fabricators, Installation technicians and a stocked warehouse in West Babylon NY.  


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Executive Team

Project Team

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