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Tuesday, September 25, 2012 11:04:00 AM

Temp Art Mechanical, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Frigi-Tech Lubrication Enhancement System to its line of product offerings.

Frigi-Tech Lubrication can be added to any refrigeration circuit and is proven to help reduce operating costs up to 20%

When properly administered to a mechanically cooled system, Frigi-Tech helps improve the flow of refrigerant, allowing heat transfer to be more productive and lessening the run time of the unit’s compressor. The results are decreased operating time and costs as well as increased compressor longevity

Additional technical data is available at:

Adding Frigi-Tech to your refrigeration system will automatically qualify you for energy savings rebates though NYSERDA..

Temp Art Mechanical, Inc. has technicians trained in the application of the Frigi-Tech Lubrication Enhancement System. Please contact us for further details and to set up an appointment.

Case Study information is also available.


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