Partners & Professional Collaboration

The definition of Synergy is: The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.; synergism. We have found over the years that representing the right products and aligning with the right people produce extraordinary outcomes. Here is a list of a few of such strategic relationships.


The Role of a Subcontractor

Construction of any kind is a blending of the abilities of the three major players in the "project partnership". We can only succeed if we can find the intersecting union where all parties are in sync and working towards a common goal and providing the best possible level of performance.

Temp-Art mechanical has delivered thousands of projects on time and on budget.
We understand that the goal of business is to continue to do business. This is why we approach EVERY project as if our future depends solely on this one performance. We strive to complete our duties in a timely fashion that instills confidence in our client which brings us service work and future project work. This process has enabled us to grow every year by double digits through successful partnerships with our clients and their clients...

  • Design Team's Aims

    The primary function of the design team is to prepare a plausible design that has a focus on performance with the underlying urgency of time and budget.

    How We Help

    Assist the design team in prudent cost effective design. To prevent the budget from being exhausted and delayed due to redesign costs.

  • Client's Aim

    The client has three basic goals: 1. Maintain the budget as close as possible to the preliminary expectations, 2. Receive the finished project on schedule to reduce the likelihood of expense due to delayed opening and 3. Receive the level of quality that meets or exceeds their expectations.

    How We Help

    Through effective office and field management techniques and the application of detailed tracking technologies, we are able to deliver on time every time, consistently exceeding our client's expectations.

  • Contractor's Aim

    Satisfy the client and parlay successes into future work.

    How We Help

    We make every effort to provide our services in a seamless manner in which we "shine" to the client. We provide "hands off" management to our clients which reduces their overhead costs and aggravation.